Bridal Jewelry Trends

The Halo Ring
The halo has been ultra-hot for a year or two now, but the trend doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. A halo ring is one that has a center stone surrounded by a circle (halo) of smaller diamonds. The halo has the effect of making the center stone seem larger and more prominent, making it a good choice for budget-conscious couples who seek a smaller stone. A double halo ring has two circles of smaller stones surrounding the center stone.

Rose Gold Rings
Not commonly seen on everyday brides’ hands yet, It is foreseen a huge demand in the near future. It is different and feminine. It makes the fair-skinned girls look rosy and garden-like. Rose gold rings pop against a woman with tan olive skin tones making the ring even more bedazzling.

White Gold
White gold is our most popular precious metal for engagement ring settings because it beautifully complements the icy white sparkle of a center diamond. White gold is slightly less expensive than platinum, and it is also a very strong and resistant to scratching. White gold looks like platinum because it has been coated in rhodium, a metal that is a member of the platinum family.

There are many reasons to choose platinum for your wedding band and engagement ring over any other precious metal. Platinum’s durability and strength are some of the reasons why it’s perfect for wedding rings. You will wear your wedding band and engagement ring on a daily basis for many years to come, you don’t want to worry about security of your stone or the metal of your rings changing colors.

Shopping local
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